Automated Robotic Solutions

House of Design is leading the automation of the components industry by offering robotic work cells and full production lines that provide clients with solutions that increase output, improve quality, address labor concerns, and reduce overall costs.

In partnership with Alpine, House of Design has recently developed two automated solutions designed to revolutionize floor and roof truss production, Automated Floor Truss System and Automated Roof Truss System. In addition, House of Design has developed four supporting applications to automate overall factory manufacturing, Roof Member Preplate, Splicing Station, Chord Preplate, and Nail Plate Picker.

Address Labor Needs & Costs

Increase Production

Reduce Errors
& Waste

Automated Floor Truss System

Collaborative Assembly System ~ 1,000+ Bf/Hr with 3 operators

Two lines feeding one assembly table, two trusses ejected every time the gantry press is operated for up to 1,000+ board feet per hour.

System components:

Manual Infeeds, Splicing Stations, Preplate Stations, Assembly Stations

Alpine components separately:

Tables, Exit Roller(s), Finish Press

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Floor System Assembly and Table 1
Floor System Assembly and Table 2
Floor Truss System Rendering

Automated Roof Truss System

Collaborative Assembly System ~ 2,750+ Bf/Hr with 3 operators

The roof truss system is actually two independent systems; allowing different designs to be built simultaneously. Flexibility to run only one automated line when demand is lower, providing for greater flexibility on production scheduling & optimization.

System components:

Manual Infeeds, Preplate Stations, Assembly Stations

Alpine components sold separately:

Tables, Exit Roller(s), Finish Press

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Roof System Assembly 1
Roof System Assembly 2
Roof Truss System Rendering

Splicing Station

Automatically splices multiple members together by positioning and pressing nail plates on each side of indexed member. A great standalone product for introducing robot automation to truss plants or as part of a fully integrated floor truss assembly system.

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Splicer 1
Splicing Station Rendering

Chord Preplate Station

Two systems in one: an automated splicer that splices multiple members into a single chord, and a preplate station that presses nail plates into the correct locations on the chord. In combined mode, both systems work together to produce a completed spliced and preplated chord. Station also preplates webs. The Chord Preplate Station is an ancillary product used within House of Design’s full Automated Floor Truss System.

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Chord Preplate System 2
Chord Preplate System 1
Chord Preplate Rendering

Roof Member Preplate Station

An efficient robotic solution supporting increased demand for jack and small specialty trusses. Station infeeds pre-cut roof truss members and preplates them in the correct sequence to be assembled on the table. Safer interactions, placement accuracy and reduced labor costs are some of the benefits of robotic automation. The Roof Member Preplate is an ancillary product used within House of Design’s full Automated Roof Truss System.

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Roof Member Preplate 1
Roof Member Preplate Rendering

Nail Plate Picker

Picks and sequences nail plates into trays based on current truss design, seamlessly organizing, and prepping for increased efficiency and overall productivity. The racks have multiple trays and are delivered to assembly tables via forklift or other means.

The Nail Plate Picker also provides plant organization and optimal material use to help reduce pick errors. Each tray can have one truss or multiple trusses per tray.

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Nail Plate Picking Station
Nail Plate Picker Rendering