Alpine® FloorMaster

The Alpine FloorMaster is an innovative machine for truss assembly. This floor truss production equipment minimizes material handling through its power flipping and lift-out features, making floor truss production easy.

Standard Footprint: 63’-3” x 10’-6”
*as shown

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Improve Productivity

Reduce labor costs by leaving the hard work to the FloorMaster. Material handling is minimized by the FloorMaster’s standard flipping and power lift-out features.

Durable &

The FloorMaster floor truss machine is renowned for its strength in the industry. Automatic depth clamping feature makes it extremely versatile too.


Safety is integrated into each component of the Alpine FloorMaster. The Emergency Stop push bars, scanner and yellow paint for awareness are a few examples.


Alpine auto clamping means no setup is required for truss depth. Each jigging stations has its own set of controls. The FloorMaster also has a variety of lumber stops and clamp arrangements. Pneumatic clamping is uniquely mounted above and below the tabletop to permit easy truss handling.

The FloorMaster trackless gantry features a powerful 10 hp gear motor driving a 24-inch roll through a double 80 chain, assuring smooth & consistent operation, and a long life.

The standard pneumatically controlled truss lift-outs for easy truss ejection and stacking. The truss is also power flipped between pockets reducing employee fatigue and risk of injury.

The standard model consists of up to two stations and two modes of operation for truss fabrication. Group mode is for long trusses up to 40’. A single mode separates the controls into two stations for trusses up to 10’ per station.

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