Alpine® Linear Saw 4.0

The Alpine® Linear Saw (ALS) 4.0 takes cutting to the next level reducing labor, maximizing production and increasing your bottom line. Designed for production efficiency, the ALS 4.0 requires only one sawyer for operation, and features an optional automated infeed system, beveling capability and wall panel marking. The fully enclosed cutting center keeps the operator clear of dust and moving parts.

Standard Footprint: 42’– 8” x 12’–10” (W x L)
*as shown

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Maximize Productivity

The ALS 4.0 configuration is system engineered for your needs to help maximize plant operations, productivity, material flow and reduce labor.


First developed in 2002, the ALS has evolved over the years to optimize efficiencies with a proven reputation of performance.

Fast &

Superior & accurate cutting up to a 1/16” of an inch helping reduce re-cuts and increase productivity.


Cuts accurate, quality components helping to reduce re-cuts and improve productivity at the assembly station. Capable of cutting a variety of component types including chords, webs, scissor bottom chords, wedges, and sliders. A Beveling Axis can be added to cut bevels and ripped valley bottom chords.

The ALS is engineered and optimized for your plant’s needs. The ALS outfeed can be configured left to right, right to left, and front or rear-facing.

Optional Automated  Live Deck (8’ or 16’) or Ranger Infeed System continuously feeds lumber into the saw increasing productivity.

Marks all the boards including small parts, improving assembly time.

Nests cuts, optimizes lumber usage, and reduces waste. Supports flexible Truss by Truss or batch cutting methodology.

Simple icons, featuring automatic or semi-automatic sawyer operation modes.

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