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User using Alpine's STITCHER software

How do you get a new component manufacturing business up and running at a competitive speed as efficiently and quickly as possible, on the eve of a global pandemic, when you’re short on start-up capital? The two-part answer is simple: Alpine® and STITCHER®.

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L&P Building Supply

Steve Lueck, General Manager, L&P Building Supply

Change is challenging. Many companies forgo the long term advantages of migrating systems simply because they can never find a good time to deal with the short-term complexities of change. But a good partner will make that process smooth and easy. Alpine works side-by-side with component manufacturers to help them bring a new system up to full speed and begin maximizing efficiency and performance as soon as possible.

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Component bidding and delivery just got a whole lot better.

It’s official—Alpine’s new STITCHER software has the industry buzzing — and even a brief examination reveals why. Preparing construction component projects for bidding and ultimately for scheduling and production can be difficult, time-consuming, and subject to input errors, mid-work client alterations, demanding time schedules, and much more. Alpine’s STITCHER software has been developed to reduce the impact and greatly limit these problems.

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