Component bidding and delivery just got a whole lot better.

It’s official—Alpine’s new STITCHER software has the industry buzzing — and even a brief examination reveals why. Preparing construction component projects for bidding and ultimately for scheduling and production can be difficult, time-consuming, and subject to input errors, mid-work client alterations, demanding time schedules, and much more. Alpine’s STITCHER software has been developed to reduce the impact and greatly limit these problems.

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Prep time for truss job bids cut in half… or even more!

APEX Technology agreed to participate in a trial and evaluation of Alpine’s STITCHER software. Ryan Deeb, an APEX employee who has become familiar with this software, was interviewed for this report, and Duncan Frost, Senior Product Manager at Alpine and Alpine’s STITCHER product owner, provided technical perspectives.

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Truss job bids are now prepared faster and with greater accuracy.

Alpine’s STITCHER software makes a big difference for A-1 Roof Trusses providing rapid turn-around of bids—and much more.

STITCHER is a unique software tool developed by Alpine to free component estimators and designers from repetitive tasks and to speed both bidding and production phases of projects.

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