Collect, Analyze, and Take Action With IntelliSheets – The Latest iCommand Feature

iCommand® IntelliSheets takes business management to the next level, saving time with tools created for designers and managers. Originally introduced with IntelliVIEW® 22.02 software release, IntelliSheets creates custom job lists, tracks progress, and shares live reports easily with different users. Select the most relevant fields, set up sophisticated conditional formatting rules, and create filters to […]

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Truss Properties Manager with IntelliVIEW Suite 22.02

The Truss Properties Manager makes it easier for designers to review the trusses in the job and confirm they are designed as expected. Truss designers must consider a variety of factors when creating designs. They are expected to work quickly to produce low-cost and highly accurate jobs per their customers’ requirements. Alpine’s IntelliVIEW Software has […]

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Understanding Plate Tooth Count and Placement

Imagine a third-party truss inspector is in the yard checking truss plates as part of quality control. The plate placement diagram indicates the web needs twenty-five teeth; however, the inspector counts twenty. Even though the shop positioned the plates as designed, is the plate placement correct? In short, yes. The size and placement are acceptable. […]

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The BCMC 2022 Preview

Alpine’s Latest IntelliVIEW Suite Release, Innovations, & Products  The Building Component Manufacturers Conference (BCMC) will be kicking-off in Columbus, Ohio from September 12-16, 2022 and Alpine is pleased to be exhibiting in booth 500. BCMC offers component manufacturers (CMs) a platform to see the latest software and equipment demonstrations, network with industry experts, and explore […]

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