Alpine’s Mike Martz Retires After 40-Year Industry Career

After working for over three decades with Alpine and four decades in the component manufacturing industry, Michael Martz has announced his retirement at the end of the year, December 31, 2020. As a true professional, Mike represented Alpine with the upmost character and skill. He established unbelievable relationships with fellow employees, customers, prospects and competitors […]

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Using the Past to Build the Future

The partnership between House of Design and Alpine, an ITW Company, is focused on helping clients address the challenges in the component manufacturing industry – labor and demand. The foundation of our truss system solution is robotics, helping deliver consistent production capabilities while also allowing component manufacturers to scale during spikes in demand. House of […]

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Power Edit Improves & Simplifies the Wall Panel Review Process

Every time a company is ready to manufacture a wall panel project, they need to ensure the design specifications are reviewed and approved by all parties involved. A large panel project can go through many changes from the original design specifications. A gap in communication between invested parties during the revision phase may create problems in production, especially in the execution of the project. In the end, these design revisions will […]

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Addressing Labor Challenges with Robotic Automation

U.S. manufacturing is faced with two challenges in today’s market – an aging population and a shortage of workers, both challenging issues for component manufacturers. However, rather than focus on the negative, let’s focus on the positive note that the demand for building components over the last 6 years has grown by 11% on average. […]

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