AutoSet Plus

Alpine’s AutoSet Plus is the latest product in the company’s history of innovative truss table automation. AutoSet Plus contains updated automation technology enhancing our customer’s production. With set up in less than 25 seconds, this computer-controlled jigging system is engineered to be efficient and accurate. The automated steel pucks give workers the ability to keep a consistent pace throughout their shift, with higher accuracy and reduced employee fatigue. Fast, consistent production results in reduced labor costs and quicker turnarounds.

Standard Footprint: 18’-7” x Customer specific x 7’- 6” (W x L x H)
*as shown

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Engineered to be accurate, efficient and durable

Quality Production

Fast, consistent production with reduced labor costs and quick turnarounds

Ease of Operation

Easy to learn, use & maintain


Features on-screen graphics, directional prompts and advanced diagnostics

Durable steel top with quick setup time and precision laser cut table-top

SmartView and Windows 10 compatible.

To alert the assemblers when a group of lift-outs is about to operate.

To avoid being hit with the gantry.

Operators can run the table in English, Spanish or French

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