Alpine® RollerPress

With today’s production environment, finish rollers operate non-stop. That’s why you can count on the strength, dependability and reliability of the Alpine RollerPress. Our quality engineering and designs, along with strong components, ensure this finish roller gets the job done right, every time.

Standard Footprint: 17’-6” x 6’ x 6’-10”
*as shown

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Strong, robust features completely embed plates of all sizes in a single pass, ensuring quality trusses.


Heavy-duty design and ease of maintenance reduces downtime, increasing profitability.


Combination of safety bars and smart electrical technology increases employee safety, by reversing the direction of the roll to clear the hazard.


Oversized bearings engineered to carry the load

Extra-heavy double-100 chain and rugged tensioner for non-slip synchronization

Continuous duty 15-hp motor and gearbox engineered for years of trouble-free performance

Four-inch diameter steel shaft

Each roll has a 24-inch diameter body

Easy access to grease fittings

1-inch thick roll wall and 9 half-inch baffles

Sealed, self-aligned roller bearings

Available in either 240V or 480V power

Available in either left- or right-hand controls

Optional kit to mount safety bar on the building

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