ALS 276 Motion Control Upgrade

The ALS 276 Motion Control Upgrade increases saw speed while saving money and optimizing material use. This system replaces all six axes of automation with updated servo technology. Coupling the new hardware with enhanced software completes the upgrade.

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ALS 267 Motion control upgrade increases saw speed, saving money and optimizing material use

Ease of use

Simple operations using the same user interface


Avoid unplanned downtime and lengthen service life


Faster Cutting
Synchronized saw patterns, greater lumber throughput, and improved board-feet per man hour

Adds Cut-by-Truss Feature
Batched jobs by length, quick turnaround cutting and allows addition of more stock options

Reduces stock fill queue time, increasing throughput.

Installs in one day when using an Alpine service technician

Compatible with Windows 10 Operating System

Product Support
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