Alpine® Portal

The Alpine® Portal provides Component Manufacturers unprecedented ability to analyze and share data. Improve communication with your customers and reduce the need for last-minute design changes with the ability to publish and share interactive 3D models on the web. The Portal provides you complete control over file organization and user access with a customized file management system.

The Alpine Portal can be accessed using an internet browser, eliminating the need to install additional applications. The Portal also offers a complete set of business analytics tools to help you visualize relevant trends, track KPIs, and access your Alpine data from anywhere in the world. Leveraging Microsoft’s cutting edge PowerBI technology, you can view your data in a way that is meaningful and actionable.

Share 3D Model

Align expectations with customers by quickly sharing the 3D model with an email address.

Improve Bid Package

Gain a competitive edge during biding by offering free 3D model sharing to builders.

Track KPIs

Create and track KPIs from anywhere in the world with real-time data.

Create Team Scorecards

Keep your team members aligned with easily accessible function-specific dashboards.


Publish 3D models from the IntelliVIEW Suite to the Alpine Portal and share them with any customer email address. Toggle visibility of elements, view individual trusses, and snap 3D dimensions as needed.

Collaborate with builders, architects, sales, estimators, and homeowners to effectively resolve any potential issues.

Alpine Portal’s Analytics supports over 30 different visualization types. Customize displays using values from an extensive list of data points and filter information to display only what is relevant to your business.


View all your data from sales, design and production in one place. Manage your monthly sales, designer output, and production capacity at a glance to help identify areas of improvement.


Provide dashboard access to others. Keep team members aligned with access to important KPIs and dashboards. “Favorite” frequently used dashboards for efficient one-click viewing. Portal users can view data analytics using Google Chrome from anywhere in the world.

Access your data in real-time from any device. As new data is generated by day-to-day CM activity, Alpine Portal reads and displays the regularly refreshed data.



Share more than just 3D models. Provide customer access to layouts, 2D drawings, quotes, and more. Upload and share other job files, including PDF, DWG, JPG, and ZIP files.

Each user is assigned one of three roles with different permissions to create new users, generate content, and share: Administrator, Owner, or User.

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