L&P Building Supply Case Study

Steve Lueck, General Manager,L&P Building Supply

Change is challenging. Many companies forgo the long term advantages of migrating systems simply because they can never find a good time to deal with the short-term complexities of change. But a good partner will make that process smooth and easy. Alpine® works side-by-side with component manufacturers to help them bring a new system up to full speed and begin maximizing efficiency and performance as soon as possible.

When L&P Building Supply made the decision to transition their truss manufacturing system from a former partner to Alpine, there were a lot of moving parts to consider. Most notably for L&P, they would be bringing on a new General Manager who did not have deep industry experience. As it turned out, the change to Alpine not only improved service, reliability, and communication, it helped tremendously in bringing new plant leadership up to speed.

Steve Lueck, General Manager, L&P Building Supply

“Regardless of what industry I’ve been in, having service providers and suppliers who are part of our process is critical to me. Alpine has been able to really partner with us, adapt to our process, and has helped us make a lot of positive changes.” – Steve Lueck, General Manager, L&P Building Supply

How Alpine Experience Helped L&P Building Supply Improve Service, Reliability, & Communication.

Alpine adapted its systems to fit L&P Building Supply’s specific manufacturing processes, requirements, and environments. Suddenly, L&P was able to do things it wouldn’t have been able to do before without considerable investment. Through the flexibility of the iCommand® software interface and an array of adjustable settings and design defaults, Alpine was uniquely able to meet L&P’s needs in a way that exceeds customer expectations. The experienced team at Alpine offers ground-level support before, during, and after implementation, ensuring L&P’s operation is performing as efficiently and competitively as possible.

With Alpine’s support and products, L&P Building Supply was able to improve operational performance, gain efficiencies, bring a new General Manager on board and up to speed, while also advancing its market position. Significant productivity gains were seen in two areas: 1) through eShop on the manufacturing floor, especially at the saws and tables; and 2) on the administrative and scheduling side where Command® has brought L&P to a performance and efficiency level Steve Lueck calls “the difference of a generation” when compared to L&P’s previous system.

“Alpine is just tremendous. Their responsiveness is something that I think is second to none in terms of any service provider I’ve worked with in any industry I’ve been in. Alpine® certainly is at another level.” – Steve Lueck, General Manager, L&P Building Supply.