Latest IntelliVIEW Release Improves Flexibility with Gable Stud Options

Alpine has a long, proven history of bringing engineering and software together to produce better results for Component Manufacturers. Alpine’s IntelliVIEW design software, industry-leading engineering analysis, and efficient design tools provide designers everything they need to get the job done – right. This partnership has continued through the development of Alpine’s Gable Stud Options functionality, which improves the efficiency and productivity of roof truss designers with IntelliVIEW version 20.01.01.

Flexibility in Design, Analysis, and Production

The Gable Stud Options provide flexibility in determining how gable trusses are designed, analyzed, and produced. By fine-tuning the job settings, designers can use IntelliVIEW to automatically frame the gable trusses as desired, saving significant time. At the job level, a designer can determine how the gable studs are initially added. They also have three options for how to analyze these gable studs: analyze all the studs, analyze only studs between chords (as opposed to those on the face of the truss), or not analyze any gable studs. These options apply to horizontal girts as well.

Gable truss with non-analyzed, stapled gable studs
Gable with structural webs and non-analyzed girts

Optimize Trusses Quickly
Once the trusses are laid out, the designer can tweak specific gable trusses and individual studs or girts within the trusses to yield the optimal design for each situation. A truss can be gabled or ungabled using a simple setting. Each gable stud, vertical web, or horizontal girt can be toggled to be analyzed or non-analyzed. The designer can also decide to plate the non-analyzed members or leave them as a stapled connection. All these configurations can be set up in advance or modified on the fly as needed.

Toggle webs between analyzed, non-analyzed

The Gable Stud Option functionality provides designers the ability to quickly and accurately produce the best truss for their business – and customers. Using stapled connections for gable studs may improve production efficiency, while the web toggle feature enables design optimization to minimize material cost.

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