Improving Design Efficiency with Component Catalog

The IntelliVIEW® Suite offers many useful tools to simplify truss design. The Component Catalog provides designers the means to compile fully engineered and optimized truss designs for reuse on current and future jobs.


Component Catalog trusses can be easily matched to trusses in the current job utilizing a complete or partial match. This is a helpful tool in repetitive truss design.

Complete Match is a fully engineered and optimized truss that will provide maximum time savings for a designer by eliminating further analysis.

Partial Match trusses provide a truss that is similar to the desired design with minimal changes required for analysis.

This dynamic flexibility allows the designer control over which Component Catalog trusses best fit the job.

Component Match Selection helps select trusses from the catalog that best fit the job.


The Component Catalog saves designer’s time. Using the Component Match Selection function, trusses can be identified in the Component Catalog and used in the current job. It will eliminate the need for designers to manually review trusses in iDesign, optimize material, and/or plate trusses.


The Component Catalog is part of the IntelliVIEW® software. Trusses can easily be added to the Component Catalog through iModel or iDesign. As lumber and/or plate prices change, the trusses in the catalog can be updated. An extra layer of security in iCommand® provides specific users permission to add or modify trusses within the catalog to protect the integrity of the content.

Build a catalog of fully engineered and optimized truss designs for use on current and future jobs.

The Component Catalog is a valuable tool that can benefit truss designers with minimal effort, providing time savings and consistency in repetitive truss design. Contact your local Alpine® Sales Representative or visit for more information.