eShop Simplifies & Modernizes Plant Management Software

eShop on a tablet

Alpine’s latest eShop Plant Management Software simplifies the user experience for shop employees and managers alike, while collecting robust production data to maximize operational decision-making. Plant Managers face difficult tradeoffs. On the one hand, they are responsible for consistently and efficiently producing high-quality components. They need to get every ounce of productivity out of an ever-changing labor force while keeping up with fluctuating demand and dates. On the other hand, managers must work to optimize their production facility, which requires accurate data about all their plant activity. Having the information to compare shifts, stations, equipment, and employees, all while monitoring output over time, provides Plant Managers the ability to make necessary changes and investments. Acquiring this data comes at a cost-any time shop employees spend logging production is less BDFT out the door. Plant leadership may also need to make significant investments in installation, support, and training on multiple software packages to cover all their production activity.

Seamlessly Integrate with Production Equipment

eShop is designed to track production activity while minimizing disruption to shop employees. When using Alpine equipment, eShop automatically logs cutting and assembly data back to the database. Alpine is the only company to partner with multiple third-party equipment manufacturers to ensure other saws and assembly tables automatically communicate data with eShop during operation, eliminating the need for costly double entry.  This saves time, increases efficiency, and results in better data.

Modern, Intuitive Shop Stations

When tracking activity at manual cutting or assembly stations, eShop now has an intuitive web-based shop platform. Stations can be accessed from any device with a browser, including tablets, without installing software in the shop. This reduces shop IT requirements and increases flexibility.  Users can quickly pull up their jobs, mark pieces or components complete, snap dimensions on-the-fly, and much more. The goal is to simplify and enhance the shop employee’s experience while accurately tracking throughput.

Quickly access your information from any device in real-time with eShop’s web-based platform.

Manage all your Production Activity with One Platform

eShop offers a full suite of production management tools to schedule and track both truss and wall panel manufacturing activity. The production data generated will be in one database, simplifying the reporting and analysis process. There is no need to install and learn multiple software platforms for different types of components-the same applications and interfaces are customized to accommodate both.  eShop’s all-in-one platform makes it easier for the shop employees to adopt and reduces the amount of training required.

eShop was created to provide CMs more control over their production processes and better access to information. The latest eShop enhancements help minimize IT complexity, improve data collection and the user experience. 

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