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AutoMill SC Upgrade

Alpine’s first servo controlled saw, the sturdiness of this piece of equipment means that most of these saws are still in operation today. Component manufacturers rely on this mature and reliable piece of equipment to keep their production on schedule. While the mechanics of these machines remain strong, the electronics and reached their “end of life”. The Alpine equipment team has created an upgrade package that will allow the AutoMill SC to provide component manufacturers with the opportunity to extend the life of this valuable asset.

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  • Supported drive and motor technology
  • On screen diagnostics and troubleshooting library
  • Industrial computer running Window loT (10)
  • New interface with clear icons and trilingual script
  • Increased accuracy of sensors, chains and homing
  • Safety warning stickers
  • Both control cabinets (23 Drives, controller, internal components)
  • 6 Servo motors and corresponding power and feedback cables
  • Software (New software features, modern, trilingual interface
  • Vortec coolers (Replaced by air conditioning units)
  • Touch screen monitor and Computer
  • Limit switches (Replaced by mechanical homing devices)
  • Safety stickers
  • Timing switches (Replaced by 3 proximity sensors)
  • Spring-loaded chain tensioner (Replaced by mechanical chain tensioner)
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