LEHJ Hanger

Light Truss End/Hip Jack Hanger

The new Light Truss End/Hip Jack Hanger is another value engineered product from Alpine Construction Hardware. This light truss end/hip jack hanger is made from an industry leading high-strength steel that exceeds most demanding engineering standards. It was designed from the ground up to solve field installation problems and achieve higher load-carrying capacity.

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  • Reduces installation time by 50 percent
  • The same length fastener (10dx1.5 inches) is used for all members
  • Unique design inverts the flanges (outside-in) and requires 50 percent fewer fasteners into the header
  • Dimensions:
    – Width: 7.76 inches
    – Height: 5.25 inches
    – Depth: 4.875 inches
  • Minimum supporting member: 2 x 6
  • Minimum supported end and hip jack height: 3.5 inches
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